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Intersection Safety Cameras Have Dramatically Reduced the Deadliest Kinds of Accidents

The City of Baytown’s intersection safety camera program was launched to enhance traffic safety by reducing red light running and related accidents. After 18 months, the program has achieved the following results:

Red Light-Related Accidents

38.78% overall reduction in accidents

47.5% reduction in deadly right-angle accidents

No change in rear-end accidents

"Other” category accidents increased from zero to one


10.59% reduction in total accidents

31.82% reduction in injury-causing accidents

31.11% reduction in deadliest right-angle accidents

12.5% increase in rear-end accidents

12.5% increase in “other” category accidents

As of February 28, 2010, moreover, the City of Baytown had received over $750,000 for local traffic safety projects such as enhanced signage, additional traffic and street lights, overtime for traffic officers, and special equipment to fight drunk driving.

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Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS)
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